I am a mom, teacher, blogger, and dreamer.  I love learning, laughing, drinking red wine with good food and friends, sunshine, hot weather, and getaways.  I am usually dreaming up something new every year, every month, every day….. I love dream catchers and hate dream squashers.  I love youthful energy and hate complainers.  I love poetry, but hate conformity.   I appreciate loyalty and despise dishonesty.  I strive for potential, but reject perfection.  And so I accept where I am, but dream of where I am not….


I am an artist and photographer.  I feel at my best when I am creating something, whether that be creating a story through one of my paintings, a new perspective through one of my photographs, a new surrounding through a renovation project, or a new meal while hanging out in my kitchen.  When I am creating I am in the moment….and when I am not, I am usually wrapped up in what change I could create, in what ways the world should be different, or in how I can do my part to mend the wrongs I see.  And when all of that becomes too much some days, I love to sail….since playing with the wind is something that teaches me that indeed I cannot control it all, but I can always adjust my sails.

Random Roo

I am curious, kind, and adventurous.  I am a ten year old boy who loves to ski, skateboard, swim, and sail.  I love to climb trees, listen to music, do head spins, and try ethnic foods.  I too, am a dreamer, and am always dreaming of where I can go and who I will become. I can’t wait to explore the world and dream the most of surfing in Australia.  I want to be a stunter one day, and so I dedicate hours to practicing tricks on my skateboard, bicycle, and in my living room.  I love having a great big family and love talking about everything, and random things, and nothing at all….

Krazy Kid

I am me. And I make no apologies about it.  I am witty well beyond my years, and know just how to make my mom laugh.  I love jokes, pranking people, playing tricks, and hiding people’s belongings.  I love playing with my older brother, building forts, cozy blankets, giving hugs, and spiderman.  I want to be a comedian and actor when I grow up, but right now I am only 7, so I practice making people laugh whenever I get the chance.  I am most happy when I am in the water or getting ready to jump in the water, or dreaming about exploring new water, or when I am exhausted after playing in the water.  I love pushing the boundaries….and so I do.