Tuna to Die For

TunaWe’ve been wanting to have fish all week so when we found fresh tuna at the market we just had to get it …

All it needed was a little salt and pepper and a quick sear in butter and yumm.

Of course a little Kale and Spinach salad served over garlic mash potatoes helped bring it all together.

We did save some Tuna for another day for Tuna Tacos…can’t wait.


  • Hi Guys
    I’m keeping up to date using your blog.

    Super cool what you brave souls are doing 😉

    That tuna looks like beef, and so good as well.

    This blog thing is awesome, and you guys are amazing at writing about your experiences.

    I enjoy reading about your adventure
    Thank you for sharing


    • Hey Rog

      thanks for visiting our blog…We are hopping to get more active again as we get through the business of setting up our school…Peace Academy Costa Rica..