Talking about THAT child….

I just read an article called “Dear Parent: About THAT kid…”

Being the mom of two boys who often makes mistakes but who always want (and need) to be loved despite them….this article a friend posted on Facebook really resonated with me.

It is hard some days to watch my boys being judged for a seemingly bizarre reaction to a situation, when I know their secrets and so it all makes perfect sense to me….on other days it’s difficult to bite my tongue after receiving a judgmental glare from a parent who feels I just must not be doing my job properly…

_DSC7357Some days I wish I could announce to everyone how absolutely incredible my boys are and that they just have so much hurt and loss to deal with, and want to shout out that they have no idea just how far my boys have come….

Today I want to scream out that the same little boy who swore at a teacher, cried about his mistake when he was safely at home, that when she grabbed him to keep him safe he thought she might be trying to hurt him….Today I want to scream out that the same boy who annoyed everyone with his attention seeking antics has an insatiable need for approval and that he just has no idea how amazing he is because he still blames his own flaws for the mistakes others have made in his life.

Maybe you will read this article and see a bit of your child in THAT too…or maybe get a better understanding of mine.

Click here to view the article “Dear Parent: About THAT kid…