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Pizza Night

A few nights ago the boys asked for a pizza so we decided to make our own at home.

Although you can get pizza in Jaco it’s not always consistent and you can expect to pay a lot of money for a small pizza….and anyway it is always best when homemade ūüôā dont you think?

I started with a great Pizza dough recipe by Bobby Flay although I added a little more olive oil to the recipe.

For the toppings I used two cheeses the first is a local Tico_DSC3639 cheese that is great for frying and baking and mixed it half and half with local Mozzarella cheese.

As for the rest of the toppings, every one gets to choose their own. For this pizza we¬†started with fresh tomatoes, onions, thinly sliced zucchini¬†and of course Garlic with a drizzle of Olive oil and a pinch of oregano….12 minutes later in a very hot oven, a glass of wine….Yummmm!

Catch of The Day

After a few hours of fishing on Lake Simcoe we moored the boat and made our way home excited to prepare our catch of the day.


Lake Perch, a very nice fish to fry. Served with fresh lemon juice, spiced rice and Garlic Lemon Coleslaw.




Fish is salted and ready to go.


A few minutes in the hot oil and we are ready to eat.


One awesome day and an awesome meal.


Organic Convenience

organic, delivery

Love this online shopping concept that makes eating organic food that much more possible for busy families.¬† I know for us, we don’t always find all the organic vegetables and fruit we want in one spot, and we certainly don’t have time for multiple shopping locations each week.¬† To top it off, when we stock up even just a little bit on fresh organic food, it often goes bad before we consume it!¬† A frustrating waste of money!

This company, Northern Organics, delivers weekly organic food baskets right to your door.  The baskets are organic, delivery 2customizable online and you can make them as small or large as you want, according to the size of your family.  They require no membership fees, no ongoing commitment, and no delivery fee!

If you live in the Toronto area, I have heard that Mama Earth Organics is another great company with similar services.

Know of any similar businesses that aim to get organic food to our tables at affordable prices and ultimate convenience?  Is there a similar company in your area? 

Please share with Our Cosmic Community!

Family Bonding: A Food Competition

Family Food Competition

Family Food Competitions are our way of smooshing our love for food, for a healthy challenge, and for each other all in one activity!  So here are our rules for Family Food Competition nights:

1) Has to be a night when noone has any other plans (this IS the plan) so that timelines are super relaxed…..there is nothing worse than trying this on a night when bedtime or other obligations are a priority…takes all of the fun out of it.

2) The family must be divided into equal teams. (For us, it works to have two teams, and Mom and Dad each pair up with a child for safety and logistics.)

3) Everyone agrees on a theme, food ingredient, or ethnicity. (examples: Under the Sea or Pumpkin or Japanese)


4) Everyone agrees on the number of dishes to be prepared by each team. (usually two)

5) Teams plan their recipes secretly and make a grocery list.

6) Everyone heads to the grocery store and teams shop separately and pay separately…..all food items must remain concealed!


7) Mom and Dad work out a basic kitchen rotation schedule. Easy to do – food that can be mostly prepared ahead gets done first, food that needs to be cooked right before gets prepared last.

8) Kids Favourite Rule: Teammates must spend time together even when it is not their turn in the kitchen.¬† Popular activities include: Boardgames, cards, reading books, and usually, a super loud dance party to try and totally distract the other team….often resulting in full family dance routines, belly laughing, and burnt food.

9) Food is served in whatever way it works (one dish at a time, two at a time, all at once….)

10) Eating involves lots of ooohhhing and ahhhhing and guessing spices/ingredients.

11) Our focus is on cheering each other on and the element of surprise in regards to the dishes the other team created. Once we are eating the focus switches from secrecy and competition to appreciation and brainstorming ideas for the next competition night. (Maybe this will evolve, when the kids are older, into electing winners.)

12) Team combinations must be rotated for future competitions.

amily Food Competition 3

For our latest competition our theme was SALAD.  Here are the dishes we came up with:


salad, food competition


salad, food competition 2


salad, food competition 3


salad, food competition


Share with us your thoughts, ideas, and what you might try for YOUR family food competition.

Share in the comments section with Our Cosmic Community.

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