Sunny Sundays and Lemonade Stands: Saving for our Trip Fund

Random Roo and Krazy Kid have been brewing a plan for their lemonade and cookie stand for a few weeks, and have been patiently waiting for a weekend day at home that was hot enough to entice customers.  Today they set quickly to work manifesting their little dream  – creating a  sign, bringing out the table, making ice, borrowing straws from the neighbour, setting up comfortable chairs in anticipation of a long day at work, and finding an empty jar to hold their float.

CLICK HERE: Mom spots our first customer

Lemonade standMama is very proud of their hard work and dedication – keeping close to their stand for HOURS, yelling out advertisements, washing cups carefully when needed, recruiting friends to help them, and treating all their customers with welcoming hospitality and excellent manners.

CLICK HERE: An exciting start!

At the end of the day we ceremoniously added the money they raised to our trip fund jar!  Today marks the inspiration for new ideas and the start of many fund-raising projects.


It has been SO MUCH fun to see their smiles and their eyes light up as they watched their hopes grow in a jar, and to see them get that bubbling up feeling inside because they believe what they have been dreaming about is now truly possible.  I hope they keep today forever in their memories of childhood summers and that when we finally have enough for our next family trip, that they feel the same pride in themselves that I feel for them today, knowing that it was THEIR focus on THEIR dreams that allowed them to manifest a new adventure.



  • So good to see that they are learning about their own power…and having fun at the same time!

    • Yes Alan, this is exactly how we framed the day….and exactly what we hope to teach them. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and reading our post. We think of you so much, and especially these last few weeks.

  • What a great idea, looks like it was lots of fun. Everything looked fabulous including your sign.
    Your parents must be so proud of you, I know I am. oxoxoxox

  • Boys, What a COOL LEMONADE STAND. Love your sign.
    Congratulations to a GREAT 1ST PROJECT AND TO MANY MORE !!!!!
    Nonna and Grandpa