Spiderman, Fence

Krazy Kid got into a soccer battle today.  And he lost his temper.  He didn’t just kick the ball if you know what I mean…..

Within seconds he realized his mistake and couldn’t handle facing up to it.  So he pulled his classic move, fight then flight.

He ran to the fencing by home plate of the baseball diamond.  Like a spider navigating its own web, he made his way, quickly, to the top.  And there he stayed, like a spider curled up in a ball.  Spiders do this for two reasons: one is to protect themselves if they fear that they will be hurt.  And another reason is to prepare for a sneak attack on a victim who has threatened them in any way.  I suspect Krazy Kid had both reasons at the same time.

He would not respond to the gentle coaxing of the Principal, nor the firm voice of a teacher standing far below.  Nor was he convinced to come down when yet a third teacher arrived on the scene.  It wasn’t until his Dad (who had been called due to Krazy Kid’s dangerous height) began to approach that that little Spiderman quickly scaled down his web to the ground below. Spiderman, Web

I can’t help but wonder what he was thinking while he was up there – was he frightened? Was he simply determined to be in control? Was he feeling caught in a web of emotions and unsure of how to untangle himself? Or was he coping well by letting his mind wander into an imaginary adventure in which he was his favourite superhero?

Whatever it was, that little Spiderman got himself into trouble.  And that is one episode that I hope doesn’t have re-runs.

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