Saturday Morning Smile

Yesterday I did not get home from work until 11:00 because I was leading an event.  My three boys had a great night of bike riding, eating take-out by the lake, and climbing trees.  This morning we awoke well-rested, with the sun shining, and a full day ahead.  And sitting on our table, to brighten my day, are my very favourite flowers in the whole wide world – lilacs. They smell absolutely beautiful!  The blooming of lilacs, for me, always mark that time of the year when the world comes alive again, the sun feels warm, and many days of summer are ahead.  It is that time of the year when optimism is easier to find and dreams seem that much more possible.  The boys picked these for me on the way home from their bike ride.  This is my Saturday Morning Smile….



  • Wow, we’re in sync. I picked some wild lilac from the side of the road on our way down yesterday! Great fragrance in the car!

  • They are a favorite for me also…lilacs make me feel like my world is at peace. My parents had a beautiful lilac tree that I long for in my own yard.

    • We planted one on our yard when we moved in three years ago…it has one bunch of blossoms on it for the first time this year! Hope you find some lilacs to brighten your day too.

  • So pretty! I can almost smell them lol

  • I love lilacs as well, it reminds me of my Grandma she had one in her front yard. This is a very special memory for you Tonia. ox