Random Roo


I am curious, kind, and adventurous.  I am a ten year old boy who loves to ski, skateboard, swim, and sail.  I love to climb trees, listen to music, do head spins, and try ethnic foods.  I too, am a dreamer, and am always dreaming of where I can go and who I will become. I can’t wait to explore the world and dream the most of surfing in Australia.  I want to be a stunter one day, and so I dedicate hours to practicing tricks on my skateboard, bicycle, and in my living room.  I love having a great big family and love talking about everything, and random things, and nothing at all….



  • Hi Random Roo, Its Adam your neighbour. Have a good time in Israel. I like your blog. I hope you become the things in your note. Your blog is nice. Especially the picture at the top. I like your boat too. I would to go to Australia as well and try to surf. See you in a month. I miss you guys already. Bye guys.

    • Hi Adam,
      Thanks for liking our blog. Please use our online names when you comment. Well I haven’t surfed yet, but the waves are pretty big and they crash down on you. Hope you have a fun time. Bazinga!!!!!!