Organic Convenience

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Love this online shopping concept that makes eating organic food that much more possible for busy families.  I know for us, we don’t always find all the organic vegetables and fruit we want in one spot, and we certainly don’t have time for multiple shopping locations each week.  To top it off, when we stock up even just a little bit on fresh organic food, it often goes bad before we consume it!  A frustrating waste of money!

This company, Northern Organics, delivers weekly organic food baskets right to your door.  The baskets are organic, delivery 2customizable online and you can make them as small or large as you want, according to the size of your family.  They require no membership fees, no ongoing commitment, and no delivery fee!

If you live in the Toronto area, I have heard that Mama Earth Organics is another great company with similar services.

Know of any similar businesses that aim to get organic food to our tables at affordable prices and ultimate convenience?  Is there a similar company in your area? 

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