Krazy Kid


I am me. And I make no apologies about it.  I am witty well beyond my years, and know just how to make my mom laugh.  I love jokes, pranking people, playing tricks, and hiding people’s belongings.  I love playing with my older brother, building forts, cozy blankets, giving hugs, and spiderman.  I want to be a comedian and actor when I grow up, but right now I am only 7, so I practice making people laugh whenever I get the chance.  I am most happy when I am in the water or getting ready to jump in the water, or dreaming about exploring new water, or when I am exhausted after playing in the water.  I love pushing the boundaries….and so I do.


  • Hi Krazy Kid, Its Adam. I hope you’re having a good time in Israel. I miss you guys already. I want to start playing pranks on my sister. I think your note was cool. I like jumping in the water too. I am a bit witty too. My family should make a blog. It seems fun. I would like to do it about my dog and my step-dad Ian. Not really my mom. Don’t tell her i said that. bye Krazy Kid.

    • Hi Adam! Hope you have a good time having fun at home. In Israel we went swimming a lot at the beach. I got buried in the sand. Bye Adam!