Highlights of Jordan, By Random Roo

In Jordan there is a place called Petra.  It is a place where some Bedouins live and also a very ancient place.  So this is a story about what I did in Petra on the first day:

We arrived in Petra and drove to our hotel called Petra Moon Hotel and stayed in it for 5 to 10 minutes. Then we went to hike in the ancient mountains and rocks there.  They have awesome caves and stuff like that, and we got the through the first part by horse, past the ticket centre.  We walked through towering rocks that were like 50 to 100 feet tall.

_DSC8236When we got through the crack with towering rocks, we saw a place called the treasury.  Go on to google images and search up “Petra, Treasury” and you will see a variety of images of the treasury.

Later on we went to the part where you can ride mules or donkeys.  I rode on a donkey.  The experience of riding one was awesome.  The thing I didn’t like about it was the people riding them getting something to whip them with.  We rode up a bunch of stairs on the donkeys until we got to a high place.  We decided to walk up the rest of the mountain.  Eventually we reached a sign which said “Best View Ever”. We walked up that part of the mountain, which only took three minutes to walk up.  Then we saw a tent with people in it. Four of the people in it were Bedouins and one of them was_DSC7762 telling jokes and tons of riddles and he was really funny.  Another one made us tea from scratch.  It took him about about half an hour to make the tea but it turned out to be the BEST tea I have ever had in my life! It tasted minty and like they put honey in the tea.

When we were done our tea we took ten or fifteen minutes longer to talk a little bit more.  Then we walked back down the mountain part, past the sign, and walked to our donkeys, where we rode them out in the dark._DSC8185_2