Highlights of Day Four to Day Seven

Swimming in the Mediterranean SeaDCIM100GOPRO

Eating seafood in Akko in a 100 year old seafood restaurant, in a city over 2000 years old! (We will spend a day visiting here again and post lots of pics we hope….neat place). An awesome meal on the water. (July 24th update: unfortunately we where not able to go back to Akko due to safety concerns. We are very disappointed.)















Eating lamb shawarma in Haifa! Amazzzzziiiiiinggggg!photo

Eating falafel in the same spot that Bassam used to eat when he was a boy, followed by saying hello to a cousin in the neighbouring barber shop, followed by a peak into the shop where he bought his school books…….and then a short trek uphill to the school he attended in in grades 6, 7, and 8._DSC7340















Visiting the Baha’i Gardens, and learning about the beauty of this peaceful religion._DSC7319

Krazy Kid gets stung by a jellyfish. (See his video sharing his experience) . Not fun! A bad day. Poor little munchkin and a very brave little boy!_DSC7297DCIM100GOPRO











A day in Nazareth! The newer Nazareth, (not so new) is built on top of the ancient city of Nazareth….the oldest city in the world. We saw the old streets, caves, and entrances to places we can only see in our imaginations. We visited the cave where it is believed Mary was visited by the angel Gabrielle, where Joseph lived, and where Mary collected her water, Bassam’s school until grade 5, his first home which is now in very poor repair, and all the cobblestone streets that Bassam wandered around. We didn’t leave of course untill we enjoyed the sweets that Nazareth is famous for. Yummy!!!

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_DSC7437 _DSC7443

Thank you Auntie Randa for driving us everywhere and showing us all the sites. We love you!