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The HPV Vaccine and Cervical Cancer: Which is the Bigger Risk?

hpv vaccine, cervical cancer, risksDo you have a daughter? A niece? A sister? Well then I think you should be concerned about the HPV vaccine and I urge you to become informed. Even if you support other routine vaccinations, this is one that you should consider carefully.


The HPV (Human Papillomavirus) virus is sexually transmitted and can cause cervical cancer. In response to this medical issue, the HPV vaccine was created and is typically administered in schools to young girls in grade seven or eight, and can be given to girls as young as nine years old. It is encouraged by the government through its very approval. In fact, in the United States, the vaccine was deemed mandatory by the government, until massive concerns about the vaccination successfully overruled that legislation in some states.

The idea of the HPV vaccine (Gardasil and Cerevix) is to target young girls before they become sexually active, to safeguard them from developing cervical cancer. And if you read the the pamphlets given out for parents, this seems to make perfect sense. Especially when the pamphlets don’t start by outlining the risks or other factors involved in the decision to vaccinate your daughter, but instead outline the vaccination schedule on the assumption that you will support the vaccine through their clever school-based program. To really ensure your support they let you know that you “have the power now to protect your daughter from this harmful disease”.


Well I agree with one thing, and that is that you have the power to protect your daughter: by rejecting this harmful vaccine and then educating yourself and your daughter about far better methods of protection.


The HPV Vaccine and Cervical Cancer: The Power to Protect Your Daughter


Here is what those pamphlets should also be telling you:


1.  The HPV vaccine was approved after 33,000 people participated in clinical trials. Longitudinal studies (studies in which data is collected over time, documenting evidence over the long-term) were never completed. Again for emphasis, this vaccine was released to the public and subsidized by the government before any longitudinal studies were completed. In fact, long-term data is being collected currently, from your daughters, who are essentially participants in the experiment. The experiment, as I have labelled it, is now in its eighth year. Which is pretty short-term in the life of a vaccination study.


2. Reports put out by the vaccine producers claim that no significant safety concerns have been raised. So I have to ask, what is their definition of “significant”? Here is what I found (click underlined links to read articles throughout this post):  Some girls do report the expected effects such as tenderness, swelling, and fever. However, “thousands of women have also reported more worrisome issues, including crippling fatigue, paralysis, blindness, or autoimmune complications, and some have even died, according to CDC and FDA data.” I would say risk of paralysis, chronic conditions, and death are pretty significant risks!

Why does the FDA not report these very significant safety concerns if they have collected this data themselves? Vaccine developer and MD, Diane M. Harper, sheds some light on the issue. “It’s critical to note that more than 70 healthy young girls have died from a neurological reaction that occurred soon after getting Gardasil,’ says Harper. (The FDA is not required to act in response to any side effect that occurs in fewer than one in 10,000 people.)” Well it seems to me that considering death as insignificant to justify the benefits of this vaccine, is similar to labelling deaths as “collateral damage” to justify war.

hpv vaccine, cervical cancer, risks, worried teen girl
3. In order to develop real urgency around the HPV and cervical cancer concern, often large numbers are reported for shock value. In this case, about 1750 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer each year in Canada, and about 470,000 world wide. This is certainly an issue deserving of our attention. However, let’s look at the real numbers from a data-driven perspective: how many of those women die from cervical cancer? What the research shows is that of the 1750 women in Canada who are diagnosed early through regular paps, the great, great majority survive treatment, and quite gracefully at that! In fact, over 90%! So when you make a decision on what you think is the greater risk, getting the vaccine versus not getting the vaccine, remember to consider the real numbers and that BOTH have reported death as a possibility.


4. You must also realize that it is important to ask, of those women who did die, how many died of the strains the vaccine targets, because the vaccine only targets, admittedly, 70% of the strains that cause cervical cancer. In other words, how many of them would not have even been protected had they got the vaccine (and put themselves at risk of a “significant” vaccine side effect)?


5. Take that a step even further. How many of those deadly cases could have been prevented if proper routes of prevention were taken? We don’t really know the answer to this, because this is not documented, but what we do know is that cervical cancer is very detectable and highly treatable with early detection. “According to the American Cancer Society, the five-year survival rate for cervical cancer that’s caught early is about 92 percent; and when precancerous lesions are removed, a complete cure becomes a sure thing.”

In order to analyze the numbers appropriately, instead of just reacting to high numbers thrown at us by the producers of this vaccine, we should demand to know how many of these females had regular paps, which is significantly known to reduce diagnosis. Also, were they educated and guided in regards to protecting themselves when sexually active? Ask yourself about your own family, YOUR children, and consider what their actual risk may be if you guide them through first, other means of protection from HPV, and in the case of getting HPV (since condoms and sex education don’t always work), regular paps and monitoring to detect PRE-cancerous cells? What, truly, is the bigger risk and why aren’t we being given the real data to assist us in this decision?

hpv vaccine, cervical cance

6. There are a great number physician’s themselves who also disagree with the administration of this vaccine and choose not to recommend it to patients or allow their own daughters to get it. In this article, entitled: Another Doctor Testifies ‘HPV Vaccine Does Not Protect Against Cancer,’ “Leading OBGYN Dr. Uzi Beller stated that if the “HPV vaccine…were proven to prevent cervical cancer, that would be something else. But it hasn’t. The US Food and Drug Administration checks for safety of the vaccine, but not for efficacy. There is no evidence that the vaccine protects against cervical cancer, only [that it] counters the virus itself. No decrease in invasive cervical cancer… in the vaccinated population has been documented so far.(emphasis added)”  “Even one of the top scientists that helped create Gardasil came forward to admit that the incidents of cervical cancer in the U.S. are already very low and, because the majority of HPV cases resolve themselves within one (70%) or two (90%) years’ time, the vaccine really will not have an effect on the cervical cancer rates either way.”


7. And I must make the point that the HPV vaccine is the most expensive vaccine in history, and costs close to $400 to administer one three-dose schedule! This means that if four million girls are vaccinated a year in Canada and the United States, the creators of the vaccine bring in at least $1.6 BILLION dollars each year! Merck, the company that produces Gardasil, participated in extensive lobbying of the government to get their vaccine approved. And I find it very, very suspicious that a vaccine with no long-term studies attached to it, no real proof yet in regards to how it will affect cervical cancer rates (as the young girls who received it first have yet to all grow up), and data that includes death and paralysis as potential side effects was deemed mandatory for females in the United States public school system, and is highly encouraged in Canada. Merck did a great job of securing heavy profits using splendid commercials, government support, and school-based programs to sell their product.

 The HPV Vaccine and Its Risks: A Video

I urge you to watch the video below, even if you have time to review nothing else on this topic. Parents, who were never informed, and either consented for their daughter to receive this vaccination, or were forced to vaccinate their daughter, have united together to help ensure that other parents and daughters can protect themselves from this harmful, high-risk vaccination. Take note that since the release of this video, the evidence against this vaccine only continues to mount.


Question life, because that is always your perogative.

Comment below to help bring attention and accountability to the vaccine producer Merck.

Speak your mind!

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For the Love of a Child: An Adoption Story

This story is incredibly beautiful, a story of love and devotion that I can never forget, and that I have not been able to get off my mind since I watched it……grab a cozy spot with someone you love, and a box of tissues – you will need it!

Share your own stories and reactions in the comments below!

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Living in a Water World

I was looking at some videos of lost tribes and came across this video of a group of people who live on the water and have developed amazing abilities..

Take a look at the following video and share your thoughts.


Protests in West Bank and Jerusalem

Protestors yesterday heading from West Bank to Jerusalem (which we crossed off our list of travel destinations after our arrival) shown in this video. Staying safe and well away from this area. Very sad and disappointed about this situation:

West Bank Clashes Protests for Gaza (CLICK HERE)

Why do family restaurants and stores have inappropriate content on their screens or in their aisles?

sexual images, violence

How many of you have taken your family with little children to a family restaurant only to see inappropriate content being played on their large screens hanging around the restaurant?

Last night I went out to a local restaurant for some wood fired pizza.  The restaurant like many others these days had many flat screens hanging around and after a few moments of being there I noticed that on one screen was an MMA fight being played with two fighters pounding each other to a pulp, on another screen rap videos, with highly sexualized content, was playing. I am sure most would agree that this is not content you would want your 7 and 10 year old children watching.  In fact the MMA fighting is rated for “mature audiences”.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that they should play cartoons or something of that sort, but I fail to understand the justification for displaying such content in a place that describes itself as a family establishment.

I know some of you will say that if you don’t like it then don’t go to the restaurant in question and you are somewhat right to say that.  Unfortunately though this is not just happening at restaurants but in many other places including the grocery stores where I have to go and shop for our food. Every time I am in the checkout line I am forced to pass by a magazine stand displaying titles such as “How To Have Great Sex” or  “10 Ways to Satisfy your Partner” and the list goes on and on. Don’t forget the images of half naked women on the covers for all to see no matter how old or young you may be.

Then you hear your ten year old reading the titles…it just makes me cringe at the thought of what may be going on in his head when reading or watching this stuff. it makes me wonder about the harm this constant exposure is doing to our children.  No wonder children are becoming more violent and sexually active at a younger age. Children need to have filters and it seems that we have become blind to this stuff that has become so normalized.  It shouldn’t be….

I think we need to find a way to stop this and start to think more about what we expose our children to.

We need to demand from our local stores to move the questionable content to areas in the stores where they are less likely to be read by young children and in the case of the restaurants they need to be more accountable to what they play on their screens because it is harming our children.

I welcome your thoughts on this subject.



Organic Convenience

organic, delivery

Love this online shopping concept that makes eating organic food that much more possible for busy families.  I know for us, we don’t always find all the organic vegetables and fruit we want in one spot, and we certainly don’t have time for multiple shopping locations each week.  To top it off, when we stock up even just a little bit on fresh organic food, it often goes bad before we consume it!  A frustrating waste of money!

This company, Northern Organics, delivers weekly organic food baskets right to your door.  The baskets are organic, delivery 2customizable online and you can make them as small or large as you want, according to the size of your family.  They require no membership fees, no ongoing commitment, and no delivery fee!

If you live in the Toronto area, I have heard that Mama Earth Organics is another great company with similar services.

Know of any similar businesses that aim to get organic food to our tables at affordable prices and ultimate convenience?  Is there a similar company in your area? 

Please share with Our Cosmic Community!

Solar Energy

I was reading the news a few of days ago and found this article about a couple who’ve come up with a way to resurface roadways with solar cells that can generate electricity while keeping the roads clear of ice.

It is a very interesting idea and I think it would be worth exploring, although I think it would be more realistic to cover parking lots and generate power.  For example, to supply a shopping mall with power than trying to cover over roadways.

I wonder what the cost is and if this idea is even feasible. I imagine the cost of the cells must be high but I think it’s worth exploring.

Take a look at this video. What do you think?

Sailing Season is Finally Here


Nothing is like sailing on a sunny day when the winds are around 15 knots. You get a nice heel going and can feel the wind on your face.. just awesome. The only thing that is better is when you are in the middle of a race with twelve or so other boats around you, and when the race is over you can go and anchor by the beach and have lunch and a swim off the boat.

The boys really love the swimming part, that’s for sure.

So glad sailing season is finally here.



Canada’s Food Guide: Misleading our Kids About Healthy Eating

Canada's Food Guide Mislea

When I question what Canada’s Food Guide is teaching our kids about healthy eating, I must consider what guidelines I could give them that would help them be the healthiest, happiest, longest living children on the planet.

So why wouldn’t we logically look towards the trustworthy publication put out by the all-knowing authority that creates Canada’s Food Guide, (or the US Food Pyramid for that matter)? Well, because despite the fact that we have a relatively high standard of living and have a government that supports the self-proclaimed superior western medical model, we certainly aren’t topping the longevity list for living the longest, healthiest lives. Why aren’t we? And who is? This really causes me to wonder if we are teaching our children the right thing…


It is well documented and accepted that diet determines about one third of the longevity equation. So when asking the question, what should we be teaching our kids about healthy eating, it makes most sense to begin by examining what the healthiest populations on the planet eat, those that can lay claim to being right at the top for longevity rates. What do they have in common? What foods do they eat more of? Less of?

Here is what I found:


The Okinawa population in Japan is the oldest, healthiest demographic in the world, and a 25 year study was conducted with conclusions that stated their diet is “lower in calories, carbs and salt and higher in nutrients such as calcium, iron, and vitamins” than their Japanese counterparts. It was also found that they “eat as Canada's Food Guide, Healthy Eating 2low down the food chain as possible,” including “very low meat intake”.


And within Italy there exists another little miracle population, so called the ‘village of eternal youth’ by scientists since their elderly live to a healthy 95 (as opposed to a sick 95). Tracy Lawson went so far as to live in the village for three years with this population and she reported her findings.  “The people there live in harmony with the land, the seasons, and each other. A Mediterranean diet is widely accepted as one of the healthiest in the world and theirs is described as hyper-Mediterranean.” And here are the secrets she discovered: olive oil, garlic, shallots, onions, and red wine (no problem!!), lots of fruits and vegetables, eating food in season, less red meat and butter, only lean meat when it is consumed, oily fish often, and beans and legumes usually, to replace meat protein.


Okay, so I then decided to look deeper into the diet plan that does the best job of eating low on the food chain: plant-based diets, and find out if there is any additional evidence out there that confirms this type of diet is superior. Let me tell you, I not only found evidence, but found the research to be extensive and the evidence plentiful! This link takes you to a site with further links to many studies. In addition, this site shows an example of a new food guide idea that proponents of plant-based diets have created to encourage new thinking.  Much clinical research and many well respected studies have been conducted about the role of plant-based foods and have documented its ability to reduce disease, and have “revolutionized our thinking about heart-healthy foods.”  And if you do your own research, you will find sites such as this one that outline plant-based foods high in protein, eliminating the need for red meat to get sufficient amounts.  And still other studies that have urged physicians to incorporate this knowledge into their practice and spread the word!

 Canada’s Food Guide – A Criticism

So what, again, is the word we are spreading and teaching to our kids about healthy eating? And why aren’t we being revolutionary? Canada’s Food Guide and the USDA Food Guide both give guidelines based on eating reasonable serving sizes from each of the categories daily, and both have categories for grains, fruits, and vegetables. However, here is where the discrepancies lie (excuse the pun):


Both guides teach our children that they should be consuming daily doses of meat – a diet practice that has been proven to be far inferior to consuming other protein sources! Both guides even name one of their overall categories MEAT and consider the proven healthier options (yes, proven) as ‘alternatives’. In fact, the US Food Pyramid proclaims that meat is an excellent source of protein for our bodies, and on its list of suggested lean choices for this entire category, red meats are the first four and fish is only at the bottom! Haven’t the studies conducted by our very own physicians, in regards to red meat versus other types of protein consumption, shown that the list should be in the opposite order, and that the other protein sources, so-called ‘alternatives’ should be now placed at the top?!

Canada's Food Guide, Healthy Eating

When looking further at the food guides with a critical eye, I became very suspicious of another overall category: MILK. Both guides heavily advocate for milk, Canada’s Food Guide suggesting that we drink two cups every day, and the US Food Pyramid claiming that milk is the best source of calcium that exists. Really? Nowhere in the studies of the healthiest populations on the planet does it say they consume a couple of glasses of milk as a key component of their health and longevity secret. Strange then for milk to rank so high by our food guides that it too gets its very own category. I definitely needed to learn more about this.


I became even more disheartened by the food guides and the message being sent to our kids about healthy eating when I found out that for this too, there are many respected studies out there that actually prove milk to be an inferior source of calcium. What I learned is that many varieties of plant foods contain more calcium and contain calcium in a form that is much better absorbed by your body. These foods also provide your body with many other nutrients you need at the same time, something milk does not. In fact, milk has been proven (yes, by physicians, through multiple clinical trials, documented in medical journals) to DEPLETE your body of calcium. If you are questioning the milk myth yourself, here and here are a couple of links that inform you of how, in reality, milk depletes calcium and both contain references and/or links to studies that support this finding. Not to mention the links to studies that prove the multitude of other risks associated with milk consumption (including cancer, osteoporosis, and heart disease).


And to further criticize the guides, why does Canada’s Food Guide suggest we LIMIT trans fat? Shouldn’t it be telling us to ELIMINATE trans fat given the fact that this man-made fat is horrifically linked to heart disease? Why can’t I find anywhere in the food guides anything about eating raw vegetables, when possible, to maximize nutrients? Why don’t the guides teach our children the skills they need to learn food combining as it is so important to getting the right amount of protein and calcium from the absolute best sources – plant-based foods? Why isn’t the food guide pointing out that olive oil is far superior to any other? And at the very least, why doesn’t it teach about the difference in food quality, red meat especially, and the fact that eating no meat or only organic, free-range meat is a necessary choice over other red meats that are cheaper but proven to be top cancer causers?

 Canada’s Food Guide – In the Classroom

Canada’s Food Guide directs the curriculum our children are learning in their classrooms. And so I continue to question…Shouldn’t the classroom be leading edge? Shouldn’t we be teaching our children the most current information, and teaching them to view both the old and the new with their own critical eye? Why are we using this old fashioned, well-disputed, very flawed guide when we have access to much better information? And if Health Canada is to slow to change its publication, why isn’t the curriculum itself modified to require that students look at this guide critically and consider the evidence available to us? Why wouldn’t we want the children in our country to be taught the very best information and become the healthiest kids on the planet?

Canada's Food Guide, Healthy Eating 3

And my biggest question: why haven’t the food guides modified their milk and meat category names to ones that coincide with the nutrients they provide rather than a food type that has extensive research that opposes its benefits?


That leads me to question yet another thing….who is benefiting from continuing to send these out-dated messages to our children?? I have my suspicions….but maybe that is something for a different day….and a different post….


One thing I do know, is that I cannot deny the evidence that is out there. And now, armed with this knowledge, I must follow the old adage, when you know better you do better. I am eager to begin incorporating more plant-based meals into our weekly regimen. And I am eager to spread the word.


Question life, because that is always your prerogative.

Your thoughts and questions? Ideas on how to spread the word? Your plant-based meal ideas?

Share in the comments section with Our Cosmic Community.

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If you love hotdogHotdogs then do not watch this video.

So will you still eat one?

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