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We’ve Arrived!

After nearly a year since we thought about this big move…we are finally in Tamarindo, Costa Rica, and it is hot…I mean really hot!

The final days leading up to this point were a blur, we had to to clean and deliver our boat to its new skippers. 



Tonia and I then had to pack our home and prepare it for the new family who
would be moving in next month, meet with the bank to take care of our accounts,_DSC2673 meet with the lawyer to sign all the forms for the house sale, and then sort and pack our things for storage. And finally we had to tackle the “packing room”, a room full of the essentials which we would take with us into ten suitcases and four carry-ons. _DSC2759 This was a big challenge as there were so many things we really wanted to have here but had to instead pack away for another time.

To add to the craziness Tonia’s and I had to pick up our passports in MississaugaIMG_1138 (an hour plus drive away from home) the day before we were leaving.  Needless to say we were stressed, but we did manage to do it all in the neck of time…..We arrived within 40 minutes of closing – and were happy to have them in our hands.

An hour later, on August 18, we reached our hotel by the airport and had about a half hour to rest before some friends and family members came to say _DSC2779goodbye to us…we had a great time with everyone, and of course some hard and emotional goodbyes. 

After that we hit the sack and even managed to get a few hours of sleep. _DSC2799

Before we knew it though it was time to get up (3am) and head to the airport. _DSC2803the boys were great and did not complain about having to get up so early. They were so excited. Even after we stood in line for over two hours they were well behaved and able to hold it together.  Thanks to US customs we almost missed our flight…yes we arrived at the gate just over seven minutes before the plane was scheduled to take off…that was crazy.


IMG_1143Our flight was uneventful and after a brief stop in Atlanta we finally landed in Liberia, Costa Rica…We even managed to have almost all our suitcases arrive with us! All except for one which stayed in Atlanta for another day…Costa Rican customs was great, they never blinked an eye, and off we went with four carts of luggage onto Costa Rican soil.  As we walked out of the airport we were greeted by a familiar face holding a sign with Tonia’s name on it….it was our shuttle driver who had brought IMG_1154us to the airport the last time we were in Costa Rica…we loaded our bags and an hour later we were in Tamarindo in front of our new home. We were greeted by a smiling condo manager (Liane) and two other gentlemen who helped us to bring our bags up to the third floor…We were welcomed by a plate of cookies, and a bottle of wine being chilled in the fridge.  Thanks so much Liane!  You are the best!

Did I tell you how hot it was?….well lets just say it was really really hot…we were tired, excited, and looking forward to a nice cold shower…….That was not to be though as we found out that our condo did not have running water and there were workers who were installing a reserve water tank in the condo….of course we were told that this would be done in a an hour or so.  Turns out we learned right away what is meant by the term Tico Time….

Now we are in our third day and finally today we resolved the water issue.  Lucky for us we have a pool and the ocean is only six minute walk from here so we are just rolling with it and hopefully we will continue to have water tomorrow.

For now we’ll just say “Pura Vida”…or in another words, take it as it comes, be in the moment, live the good life….


Talking about THAT child….

I just read an article called “Dear Parent: About THAT kid…”

Being the mom of two boys who often makes mistakes but who always want (and need) to be loved despite them….this article a friend posted on Facebook really resonated with me.

It is hard some days to watch my boys being judged for a seemingly bizarre reaction to a situation, when I know their secrets and so it all makes perfect sense to me….on other days it’s difficult to bite my tongue after receiving a judgmental glare from a parent who feels I just must not be doing my job properly…

_DSC7357Some days I wish I could announce to everyone how absolutely incredible my boys are and that they just have so much hurt and loss to deal with, and want to shout out that they have no idea just how far my boys have come….

Today I want to scream out that the same little boy who swore at a teacher, cried about his mistake when he was safely at home, that when she grabbed him to keep him safe he thought she might be trying to hurt him….Today I want to scream out that the same boy who annoyed everyone with his attention seeking antics has an insatiable need for approval and that he just has no idea how amazing he is because he still blames his own flaws for the mistakes others have made in his life.

Maybe you will read this article and see a bit of your child in THAT too…or maybe get a better understanding of mine.

Click here to view the article “Dear Parent: About THAT kid…






Being Adopted at Eight Years Old: By Random Roo

Why Being Adopted at Eight Years Old is Really Hard


When I was 8 years old I was adopted. The reasons why is could be hard to be adopted at 8 years old are you are learning the rules with each family you live with, you are not as good at listening to the rules, you might be adventurous but your adopted family might not. You might also cry a lot because you miss your birth parents, or you may feel like you hate your forever family.

My experiences like these is that it is harder to learn the rules and you get in trouble a lot. When I transitioned it was really hard that we couldn’t live with our adopted mom and dad right away. This was confusing. This was also hard because we would get excited and then have to leave each other. Leaving our foster family and my foster brothers and sisters was hard because I spent a lot of time with them. Once I was at mom and dad’s we used to hide behind things and climb up things, and get in trouble because we didn’t know the rules. I also fought a lot more with my brother at that time, because we were both learning so many new things. I was nervous in the beginning because I didn’t know what I would get in trouble for and what I wouldn’t.

Why Being Adopted at Eight Years Old is Really Awesome


The reasons why being adopted at eight years old is really awesome are that you might be really adventurous and your adoptive family may love adventures too. If you are really active you might have a big yard to go out in all the time or being able to do things you didn’t do before like travel to new places or go camping.

I have had all these experiences with my adoptive family. When I transitioned it was really awesome because we would see Mom and Dad and go for walks through the forest together. It was really awesome because it was a surprise that we were going to be adopted by mom and dad, who we had met once before at McDonald’s. When we got our Welcome Books from Mom and Dad my brother and I were really excited. I was really excited when we had our first sleepover and when we loaded up our boxes to go to our new home. I was really happy because I knew that if someone was adopting you it must be because they really wanted you. When I first moved home I was really picky with food and Mom and Dad made us everything we wanted to help us feel safe. That was cool. We would go to fun places together and I felt really safe with Mom and Dad.




Krazy Kid’s Krazy Jellyfish Story

Watch to hear my story of what happened to me in the mediterranean sea:

Part One

Part Two



Spiderman, Fence

Krazy Kid got into a soccer battle today.  And he lost his temper.  He didn’t just kick the ball if you know what I mean…..

Within seconds he realized his mistake and couldn’t handle facing up to it.  So he pulled his classic move, fight then flight.

He ran to the fencing by home plate of the baseball diamond.  Like a spider navigating its own web, he made his way, quickly, to the top.  And there he stayed, like a spider curled up in a ball.  Spiders do this for two reasons: one is to protect themselves if they fear that they will be hurt.  And another reason is to prepare for a sneak attack on a victim who has threatened them in any way.  I suspect Krazy Kid had both reasons at the same time.

He would not respond to the gentle coaxing of the Principal, nor the firm voice of a teacher standing far below.  Nor was he convinced to come down when yet a third teacher arrived on the scene.  It wasn’t until his Dad (who had been called due to Krazy Kid’s dangerous height) began to approach that that little Spiderman quickly scaled down his web to the ground below. Spiderman, Web

I can’t help but wonder what he was thinking while he was up there – was he frightened? Was he simply determined to be in control? Was he feeling caught in a web of emotions and unsure of how to untangle himself? Or was he coping well by letting his mind wander into an imaginary adventure in which he was his favourite superhero?

Whatever it was, that little Spiderman got himself into trouble.  And that is one episode that I hope doesn’t have re-runs.

Being Bullied

Have you ever been bullied?

I was bullied. Someone in my class kept doing it. They kept smacking my back while I was playing on my sled, making me land on my chest. They kept on poking at me, and then when I got mad they would say “RAGE” or call me a freak. They then pretended that they did nothing. They would also tease me that I was not good at something, constantly. They would also tease me about my lunches along with other people. This made me feel sad, and not want to eat around people. All the stuff they did also made me very angry. Sometimes I made bad choices because of that.

So I told my teacher and my parents. Now my teacher sits in my class for lunch and my mom writes down everything that the bully does each week so that we can find out how to stop it. She talks to my teacher a lot.

If you are being bullied:

  • Ask For Help: always tell your parents or guardian and your teacher
  • Summon the Halloween Hound! (I just watched Spooky Buddies – good movie, 8+ – check it out!)
  • Eat pizza and get happy!
  • Try to relax yourself doing things you really like to do (ex. Draw, read, play video games, climb trees, skateboard, ski, and snowboard….these are all thing I like to do, myself, to relax)
  • Ignore them so that they don’t bother you any more
  • Try to make friends with people who care about you

p.s. I like the rainforest

Share in the comments your story of being bullied, and advice you would give to someone being bullied.