Catch of The Day

After a few hours of fishing on Lake Simcoe we moored the boat and made our way home excited to prepare our catch of the day.


Lake Perch, a very nice fish to fry. Served with fresh lemon juice, spiced rice and Garlic Lemon Coleslaw.




Fish is salted and ready to go.


A few minutes in the hot oil and we are ready to eat.


One awesome day and an awesome meal.



  • I haven’t been able to eat fish since I was pregnant with Grayson (one aversion I just never got over) but I’m so glad to see how much your kids like fish!! I wish I did 🙂 If I did, I might just try your delicious meal idea.

    • The boys love it! Especially because they spent the day at the lake with their Dad catching dinner and were involved in the whole process, right to the table. We are always sure to show appreciation for the fish too, before we dig in! Hope you will be able to get back to fish one day, BUT we are hoping to soon document our transition into the vegetarian lifestyle….so maybe you will be up for trying some others. Let us know what kinds of things you would love to see on our blog….helps us help out our followers! Miss you by the way, and hope we can plan a get together, when our family will be down your way.

  • What amazing experiences your boys are having! A great way of life!