Being Bullied

Have you ever been bullied?

I was bullied. Someone in my class kept doing it. They kept smacking my back while I was playing on my sled, making me land on my chest. They kept on poking at me, and then when I got mad they would say “RAGE” or call me a freak. They then pretended that they did nothing. They would also tease me that I was not good at something, constantly. They would also tease me about my lunches along with other people. This made me feel sad, and not want to eat around people. All the stuff they did also made me very angry. Sometimes I made bad choices because of that.

So I told my teacher and my parents. Now my teacher sits in my class for lunch and my mom writes down everything that the bully does each week so that we can find out how to stop it. She talks to my teacher a lot.

If you are being bullied:

  • Ask For Help: always tell your parents or guardian and your teacher
  • Summon the Halloween Hound! (I just watched Spooky Buddies – good movie, 8+ – check it out!)
  • Eat pizza and get happy!
  • Try to relax yourself doing things you really like to do (ex. Draw, read, play video games, climb trees, skateboard, ski, and snowboard….these are all thing I like to do, myself, to relax)
  • Ignore them so that they don’t bother you any more
  • Try to make friends with people who care about you

p.s. I like the rainforest

Share in the comments your story of being bullied, and advice you would give to someone being bullied.


  • Thanks for sharing about this important topic Random Roo! I think you have developed some really great strategies for dealing with bullies.

  • You are very brave, Random Roo, for telling your story. I hope your kindness and wisdom continues your whole life. There can be negative, angry and sad people in the world but you can help to brighten their day.

  • Hey Roo…. Great piece of writing! I was bullied in high school for a while, and it made me afraid at times, so I understood what you feel at times.

    Did you know that in every bullying situation, there are three types of people involved: The bully, the ‘victim’ (I don’t really like that word), and the ‘bystander’? Bystanders are those who stand by watching it happen and not doing anything about it. When you are being bullied, your friends who may see this happening should immediately go and get some help from a teacher or another adult that they can trust.

    Another strategy you could use is to always be with your friends and try not to be alone. If you could get your friends to be around you at those times when you have been bullied, it sometimes makes the bully stop. Bullies prefer you to be on your own as that seems to give them power. When you are surrounded by your friends, they are less powerful and you are more powerful.

    I hope that you can find a way to stop this happening.

  • Hi Roo. I really like your suggestions for handling the bully situation! Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you for telling me to keep up the good work. Did you notice my suggestions are random….I am Random Roo! I also love kangaroos.

  • Your story is so important to share Roo! You should feel proud that you are helping others who may be going through something similar to you. Thanks for sharing!