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Crocodile Bridge



While we were driving back to Tamarindo from Jaco there was a bridge on the highway.

When we were driving to Jaco we saw people on the side of the bridge. So then we parked on the side of the road and got out of the car. My dad was photographing something so we said we would meet him on the bridge. My mom, Krazy Kid and I walked on the sidewalk to the river. Wow there are TONS of crocodiles. We took a picture of the river and here it is. Comment how many crocodiles you can spot.  LOOK CLOSELY….there are more than you think!_DSC3063 _DSC3064

Mientras volvíamos a Tamarindo desde Jaco había un puente en la carretera.

Cuando estábamos conduciendo a Jaco vimos gente en el lado del puente. Así que aparcamos en el lado de la carretera y salimos del coche. Mi papá estaba fotografiando algo así que nos dijo que lo encontraríamos en el puente. Mi mamá , Krazy Kid y yo caminaba por la acera hasta el río. Wow hay TONELADAS de cocodrilos. Nos tomamos una foto del río y aquí está. Comentario cuántos cocodrilos se puede detectar.


Alors que nous roulions retour à Tamarindo Jaco y avait un pont sur ​​l'autoroute.

Lorsque nous roulions à Jaco , nous avons vu des gens sur le côté du pont . Alors nous nous sommes garés sur le côté de la route et sommes sortis de la voiture . Mon père a été photographié quelque chose de si nous avons dit que nous allions le rencontrer sur le pont . Ma mère , Krazy Kid et je marchais sur le trottoir de la rivière . Wow Il ya des tonnes de crocodiles . Nous avons pris une photo de la rivière et ici il est. Commentaire combien vous pouvez repérer les crocodiles .

Being Adopted at Eight Years Old: By Random Roo

Why Being Adopted at Eight Years Old is Really Hard


When I was 8 years old I was adopted. The reasons why is could be hard to be adopted at 8 years old are you are learning the rules with each family you live with, you are not as good at listening to the rules, you might be adventurous but your adopted family might not. You might also cry a lot because you miss your birth parents, or you may feel like you hate your forever family.

My experiences like these is that it is harder to learn the rules and you get in trouble a lot. When I transitioned it was really hard that we couldn’t live with our adopted mom and dad right away. This was confusing. This was also hard because we would get excited and then have to leave each other. Leaving our foster family and my foster brothers and sisters was hard because I spent a lot of time with them. Once I was at mom and dad’s we used to hide behind things and climb up things, and get in trouble because we didn’t know the rules. I also fought a lot more with my brother at that time, because we were both learning so many new things. I was nervous in the beginning because I didn’t know what I would get in trouble for and what I wouldn’t.

Why Being Adopted at Eight Years Old is Really Awesome


The reasons why being adopted at eight years old is really awesome are that you might be really adventurous and your adoptive family may love adventures too. If you are really active you might have a big yard to go out in all the time or being able to do things you didn’t do before like travel to new places or go camping.

I have had all these experiences with my adoptive family. When I transitioned it was really awesome because we would see Mom and Dad and go for walks through the forest together. It was really awesome because it was a surprise that we were going to be adopted by mom and dad, who we had met once before at McDonald’s. When we got our Welcome Books from Mom and Dad my brother and I were really excited. I was really excited when we had our first sleepover and when we loaded up our boxes to go to our new home. I was really happy because I knew that if someone was adopting you it must be because they really wanted you. When I first moved home I was really picky with food and Mom and Dad made us everything we wanted to help us feel safe. That was cool. We would go to fun places together and I felt really safe with Mom and Dad.




Highlights of Jordan, By Random Roo

In Jordan there is a place called Petra.  It is a place where some Bedouins live and also a very ancient place.  So this is a story about what I did in Petra on the first day:

We arrived in Petra and drove to our hotel called Petra Moon Hotel and stayed in it for 5 to 10 minutes. Then we went to hike in the ancient mountains and rocks there.  They have awesome caves and stuff like that, and we got the through the first part by horse, past the ticket centre.  We walked through towering rocks that were like 50 to 100 feet tall.

_DSC8236When we got through the crack with towering rocks, we saw a place called the treasury.  Go on to google images and search up “Petra, Treasury” and you will see a variety of images of the treasury.

Later on we went to the part where you can ride mules or donkeys.  I rode on a donkey.  The experience of riding one was awesome.  The thing I didn’t like about it was the people riding them getting something to whip them with.  We rode up a bunch of stairs on the donkeys until we got to a high place.  We decided to walk up the rest of the mountain.  Eventually we reached a sign which said “Best View Ever”. We walked up that part of the mountain, which only took three minutes to walk up.  Then we saw a tent with people in it. Four of the people in it were Bedouins and one of them was_DSC7762 telling jokes and tons of riddles and he was really funny.  Another one made us tea from scratch.  It took him about about half an hour to make the tea but it turned out to be the BEST tea I have ever had in my life! It tasted minty and like they put honey in the tea.

When we were done our tea we took ten or fifteen minutes longer to talk a little bit more.  Then we walked back down the mountain part, past the sign, and walked to our donkeys, where we rode them out in the dark._DSC8185_2


Being Bullied

Have you ever been bullied?

I was bullied. Someone in my class kept doing it. They kept smacking my back while I was playing on my sled, making me land on my chest. They kept on poking at me, and then when I got mad they would say “RAGE” or call me a freak. They then pretended that they did nothing. They would also tease me that I was not good at something, constantly. They would also tease me about my lunches along with other people. This made me feel sad, and not want to eat around people. All the stuff they did also made me very angry. Sometimes I made bad choices because of that.

So I told my teacher and my parents. Now my teacher sits in my class for lunch and my mom writes down everything that the bully does each week so that we can find out how to stop it. She talks to my teacher a lot.

If you are being bullied:

  • Ask For Help: always tell your parents or guardian and your teacher
  • Summon the Halloween Hound! (I just watched Spooky Buddies – good movie, 8+ – check it out!)
  • Eat pizza and get happy!
  • Try to relax yourself doing things you really like to do (ex. Draw, read, play video games, climb trees, skateboard, ski, and snowboard….these are all thing I like to do, myself, to relax)
  • Ignore them so that they don’t bother you any more
  • Try to make friends with people who care about you

p.s. I like the rainforest

Share in the comments your story of being bullied, and advice you would give to someone being bullied.