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Pizza Night

A few nights ago the boys asked for a pizza so we decided to make our own at home.

Although you can get pizza in Jaco it’s not always consistent and you can expect to pay a lot of money for a small pizza….and anyway it is always best when homemade ūüôā dont you think?

I started with a great Pizza dough recipe by Bobby Flay although I added a little more olive oil to the recipe.

For the toppings I used two cheeses the first is a local Tico_DSC3639 cheese that is great for frying and baking and mixed it half and half with local Mozzarella cheese.

As for the rest of the toppings, every one gets to choose their own. For this pizza we¬†started with fresh tomatoes, onions, thinly sliced zucchini¬†and of course Garlic with a drizzle of Olive oil and a pinch of oregano….12 minutes later in a very hot oven, a glass of wine….Yummmm!

Coconuts to go

One of the awesome things about living in Costa Rica is seeing seeing so many tropical fruit trees growing everywhere, including Mango, Papaya and Banana trees but most of all you see the coconut trees everywhere filled with coconuts. If you are lucky enough the coconuts are low enough to pick without having to climb  up a tall tree which is in itself a great skill some Ticos poses and is a fun thing to watch.

Fortunately for us there are always lower trees which we can pick our own coconuts from.

And believe me the water you get to drink is amazingly refreshing especially when you are on the beach.IMG_1261


Surfing In Jaco

Today the boys got to go for their surfing lesson at 8 am ..Although it was low tide there were some good waves to ride.

The boys were with their instructor¬†_DSC3589Gonzalo who is an awesome surfer and really¬†pushes the boys hard….and they love it.

They both managed to ride a wave after wave….And even waved to the camera while doing it…


I got this one

I got this one


Of course there were also some spills…

Ooooo nooo

Ooooo nooo


Or not

Or not

When it was all over the boys felt great and can’t wait till they go out again tomorrow.

I'm cool

I’m cool


Tuna to Die For

TunaWe’ve been wanting to have fish all week so when we found fresh tuna at the market we just had to get it …

All it needed was a little salt and pepper and a quick sear in butter and yumm.

Of course a little Kale and Spinach salad served over garlic mash potatoes helped bring it all together.

We did save some Tuna for another day¬†for Tuna Tacos…can’t wait.

Surfing With Josymar

The morning after we arrived in Jaco the boys and I had the incredible opportunity to have a private surf lesson with Josymar, one of the top surfers in Costa Rica. _DSC2914He is a talented and well-known surfer, an enthusiastic instructor, and very passionate about his sport.  The boys just loved their lesson and did amazing.IMG_4504








IMG_4422I managed to catch some waves but was out of breath after only half an hour, but I did not want to quit since it was so much fun….Tonia was taking some pictures and¬†watching us nervously from the shoreline.¬†










We can’t wait to get out again

Canadian Snow Day









This¬†morning after a mid November snow storm, the boys were ready to help out…

They even did the¬†neighbour’s porch.image
After 40 minutes the driveway is finally done and the boys are off to school and Tonia and I to work.

All I have to say…I am not ready for this ūüôā even though it looks beautiful.


Catch of The Day

After a few hours of fishing on Lake Simcoe we moored the boat and made our way home excited to prepare our catch of the day.


Lake Perch, a very nice fish to fry. Served with fresh lemon juice, spiced rice and Garlic Lemon Coleslaw.




Fish is salted and ready to go.


A few minutes in the hot oil and we are ready to eat.


One awesome day and an awesome meal.


Living in a Water World

I was looking at some videos of lost tribes and came across this video of a group of people who live on the water and have developed amazing abilities..

Take a look at the following video and share your thoughts.


Why do family restaurants and stores have inappropriate content on their screens or in their aisles?

sexual images, violence

How many of you have taken your family with little children to a family restaurant only to see inappropriate content being played on their large screens hanging around the restaurant?

Last night I went out to a local restaurant for some wood fired pizza. ¬†The restaurant like many others these days had many flat screens hanging around and after a few moments of being there I noticed that on one screen was an¬†MMA¬†fight¬†being played with two fighters pounding each other to a pulp, on another screen rap videos, with highly sexualized content, was playing.¬†I am sure most would agree that this is not content you would want your 7 and 10 year old children watching. ¬†In fact the MMA fighting is rated for “mature audiences”.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that they should play cartoons or something of that sort, but¬†I fail to understand the justification for displaying such content in a place that describes itself as a family establishment.

I know some of you will say that if you don’t like it then don’t go to the restaurant in question and you are somewhat right to say that. ¬†Unfortunately though this is not just happening at restaurants but in many other places including the grocery stores where I have to go and shop for our food. Every time I am in the checkout line I am forced to pass by a magazine stand displaying titles such as “How To Have Great Sex” or ¬†“10 Ways to Satisfy your Partner” and the list goes on and on. Don’t forget the images of half naked women on the covers for all to see no matter how old or young you may be.

Then you hear your ten year old reading the titles…it just makes me cringe at the thought of what may be going on in his head when reading or watching this stuff. it makes me wonder about the harm this constant exposure is doing to our children. ¬†No wonder children are becoming more violent and sexually active at a younger age. Children need to have filters and it seems that we have become blind to this stuff that has become so normalized. ¬†It shouldn’t be….

I think we need to find a way to stop this and start to think more about what we expose our children to.

We need to demand from our local stores to move the questionable content to areas in the stores where they are less likely to be read by young children and in the case of the restaurants they need to be more accountable to what they play on their screens because it is harming our children.

I welcome your thoughts on this subject.



Solar Energy

I was reading the news¬†a few¬†of days ago¬†and found this article about a couple who’ve come up with a way to resurface roadways with solar cells that can generate electricity while keeping the roads clear of ice.

It is a very interesting idea and I think it would be worth exploring, although I think it would be more realistic to cover parking lots and generate power.  For example, to supply a shopping mall with power than trying to cover over roadways.

I wonder what the cost is and if¬†this idea is even feasible. I imagine the cost of the cells must be high but I think it’s worth exploring.

Take a look at this video. What do you think?

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