Our Vision

We are a family joined cosmically. The universe brought us together to journey purposefully toward living our dreams and, we believe, to entice others to join us on our quest for fullness, self-discovery, and vision.

family picOur Cosmic Core is our family of four, with a special story of attracting one another into our existence. Our challenge is to find a way to honour each one of us individually, and together live a life brimming with wellbeing – not just from the perspective of being sound in body, but also of being sound in soul.

Our story started over 15 years ago, when the planets aligned to bring together Bassam and Tonia, who, as soul mates, embarked on many adventures together, including canoe tripping in Ontario’s great north, skiing the mountains in the west, and surfing the waves in New Zealand. And then the stars aligned once more and expanded our core, bringing us two amazing boys, Random Roo* and Krazy Kid*, at the ages of 8 and 5. Now our cosmic core is complete – but our dreams certainly aren’t. In fact, the coming together of the four of us has created a burst of love and endless days of devising new plans.

And this blog is one of them…..

As a family we decided to take a stance – one that requires that we question our purpose, take risks, challenge the status quo, and begin to live confidently outside the box. We are on a quest to figure out how we can bring harmony to our little world, while balancing our dreams as individuals with those we want to manifest synergetically.

Us - Taking the Leap

How will we do? We expect to make mistakes, struggle, have doubts, and get angry with each other along the way. And we hope to successfully reach our goals through it all, proving that we really are perfectly imperfect. All of this we will share, with those of you who want to become part of Our Cosmic Community.

And so we are embarking on a great experiment, united by our vision, strengthened by our individual spirits, and driven by our desire for something more.

Can you see us jumping out of our comfort zone? Join us in the jump. Take the leap!