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Heading in 2015 – Happy New Year from Our Cosmic Core

This time of the year always brings with it newfound optimism and much personal reflection.  After a tough fall of instability in our lives, feeling overwhelmed at times with it all, and falling into exhaustion – Bassam and I committed to being well rested for the holidays so that we could enjoy being in the moment and making memories with our boys.

We find ourselves at the end of the holiday season, exhausted again – but in a good way.  The kind of exhausted you feel after a full day of skiing down mountains or after an all day hike through a forest trail.  The good kind of exhausted.  Blissful. Satisfied. And sleepy.

The boys, on the other hand, continue to be full of energy and creativity – finding endless ways to play new games with their Christmas toys.

This year we decided that we would start the year off spending time doing those things we love most.  So we planned a couple of jam-packed days that turned our overnight into a trip that felt like were away for a much longer than we were.

Last year at this time we stayed a few nights at the beloved Fern Resort, where we met Kathy and Kya in the first moments we arrived.  Our families connected instantly, and the boys loved that Kya was “adopted just like us!”, and they have asked about her often in the last year.  So on new year’s eve we finally saw Kya and Kathy again, a year since our trip to Fern, and our first stop was at the Skyzone Tampoling Centre in Mississauga.  After the kids successfully jumped themselves into a sweaty, flushed, and hungry state, we headed over to a Korean restaurant, where we sat on the floor to eat and watched our food being cooked in the middle of our table.

_DSC1036 _DSC1038 _DSC1027After a quick swim and some down time at the hotel we got dressed in costume and went to an awesome new year’s party!  All of us were wide awake for the countdown, left with very full bellies, and having had immensely enjoyed spending time with cousins. The Disney theme meant chilli dogs, popcorn, a candy station, and every kind of Disney snack you can think of!  Thank you Aunt Terry, Joe, Sue and family.  It was a fabulous event as usual!
_DSC1040 _DSC1052
The four of us woke up tired but happy.  After another swim and check out, we headed to a cafe, where the four of us could spend some quiet family time together sipping warm drinks and being silly.  We grabbed a newspaper, some herbal teas, a couple of pens, and then we read horoscopes, scratched bingo tickets, solved Sudoko, and completed word searches.

Our last stop was at the Kuni’s – more cousins!  After a deliciously hearty meal – that good kind of tired set in.



This marks the end of the season, but the start of new one…..and us four will be spending some time in the next couple of days deciding on our goals for the year, those things we hope will come true for us, and together, which of those dreams are going to be in the making for 2015!!

We will be sure to share with all of you….stay tuned….we have some plans brewing!

Happy New Year to all! Love us four. xxxx