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Our Bucket List

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Okay, so if you have read Our Vision then you know that as a family we decided to take a stance – one that requires that we question our purpose, take risks, challenge the status quo, and begin to live confidently outside the box.

bucket list, think outside theWe are on a quest to figure out how we can bring harmony to our little world, while balancing our dreams as individuals with those we want to manifest synergetically.

How will we do? We expect to make mistakes, struggle, have doubts, and get angry with each other along the way. And we hope to successfully reach our goals through it all, proving that we really are perfectly imperfect. All of this we will share, with those of you who want to become part of Our Cosmic Community.

And so we are embarking on a great experiment, united by our vision, strengthened by our individual spirits, and driven by our desire for something more…..

So today we sat down together and created our Bucket List….with the understanding that this will be an ever-growing, ever-changing list.  But here is ours as it looks today:

  • Go on a family skiing trip in the Rockies….and while there, dream of making it home!
  • Hike on on active volcano
  • Visit Jamaica and dance, reggae style!
  • Go to Cuba and bring suitcases full of gifts for the Cubans
  • Travel in Australia for a full year and discover life down under
  • Explore where Dad grew up in Israel and get the rest of the fingerprints we need to complete our Family Tree
  • Go to Italy and backpack Cinque Terre
  • Each learn an instrument and have a family band – jam together
  • Sail around the world for a full year and hang out in coastal cities
  • Cook a gourmet meal for the homeless
  • Start a charity that promotes peace around the world
  • Camp and hike in the Grand Canyon
  • Live by the ocean
  • Travel to every continent
  • Take a road trip around North America
  • Ride around in a Food Truck
  • Get screeched in, in Newfoundland
  • Go to an African Safari
  • Become millionaires
  • Snorkel and touch fish!
  • Visit special friends in New Zealand
  • Become a stunter and be in the Olympics (Random Roo`s independent contribution)
  • Climb a really tall tree, jump out, and `break a leg` (Krazy Kid`s independent contribution)
  • Go and see our birth mom
  • Have a blog that I am passionate about that allows me to work from my computer, connect authentically with people around the world, and becomes my full time job (Tonia`s independent contribution)
  • Learn how to live in the moment, and CREATE….just because… (Bassam`s independent contribution)










Can you see us jumping out of our comfort zone?

Join us in the jump. Take the leap!



Sit down with your family, sister, brother, self, partner, or cat – and start dreaming!  Make a bucket list  and be sure you add to it, change it, and cross things off…..and tuck it away in a very special place.  But not before you share with us the top three things on your bucket list.


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Spiderman, Fence

Krazy Kid got into a soccer battle today.  And he lost his temper.  He didn’t just kick the ball if you know what I mean…..

Within seconds he realized his mistake and couldn’t handle facing up to it.  So he pulled his classic move, fight then flight.

He ran to the fencing by home plate of the baseball diamond.  Like a spider navigating its own web, he made his way, quickly, to the top.  And there he stayed, like a spider curled up in a ball.  Spiders do this for two reasons: one is to protect themselves if they fear that they will be hurt.  And another reason is to prepare for a sneak attack on a victim who has threatened them in any way.  I suspect Krazy Kid had both reasons at the same time.

He would not respond to the gentle coaxing of the Principal, nor the firm voice of a teacher standing far below.  Nor was he convinced to come down when yet a third teacher arrived on the scene.  It wasn’t until his Dad (who had been called due to Krazy Kid’s dangerous height) began to approach that that little Spiderman quickly scaled down his web to the ground below. Spiderman, Web

I can’t help but wonder what he was thinking while he was up there – was he frightened? Was he simply determined to be in control? Was he feeling caught in a web of emotions and unsure of how to untangle himself? Or was he coping well by letting his mind wander into an imaginary adventure in which he was his favourite superhero?

Whatever it was, that little Spiderman got himself into trouble.  And that is one episode that I hope doesn’t have re-runs.

Why do family restaurants and stores have inappropriate content on their screens or in their aisles?

sexual images, violence

How many of you have taken your family with little children to a family restaurant only to see inappropriate content being played on their large screens hanging around the restaurant?

Last night I went out to a local restaurant for some wood fired pizza.  The restaurant like many others these days had many flat screens hanging around and after a few moments of being there I noticed that on one screen was an MMA fight being played with two fighters pounding each other to a pulp, on another screen rap videos, with highly sexualized content, was playing. I am sure most would agree that this is not content you would want your 7 and 10 year old children watching.  In fact the MMA fighting is rated for “mature audiences”.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that they should play cartoons or something of that sort, but I fail to understand the justification for displaying such content in a place that describes itself as a family establishment.

I know some of you will say that if you don’t like it then don’t go to the restaurant in question and you are somewhat right to say that.  Unfortunately though this is not just happening at restaurants but in many other places including the grocery stores where I have to go and shop for our food. Every time I am in the checkout line I am forced to pass by a magazine stand displaying titles such as “How To Have Great Sex” or  “10 Ways to Satisfy your Partner” and the list goes on and on. Don’t forget the images of half naked women on the covers for all to see no matter how old or young you may be.

Then you hear your ten year old reading the titles…it just makes me cringe at the thought of what may be going on in his head when reading or watching this stuff. it makes me wonder about the harm this constant exposure is doing to our children.  No wonder children are becoming more violent and sexually active at a younger age. Children need to have filters and it seems that we have become blind to this stuff that has become so normalized.  It shouldn’t be….

I think we need to find a way to stop this and start to think more about what we expose our children to.

We need to demand from our local stores to move the questionable content to areas in the stores where they are less likely to be read by young children and in the case of the restaurants they need to be more accountable to what they play on their screens because it is harming our children.

I welcome your thoughts on this subject.



Our Family Loves THIS Family!

We are catching up on Tuesday’s recording of America’s Got Talent. We just saw this amazing family perform. Our family loves this family! We think you will too.  Please check out the video and tell us what you think!

Click here to watch the video….